2016 Trend Predictions

by Erica Link January 02, 2016

We’re no psychics, but we do know what we’d LIKE to see more of in 2016! Here are 5 beauty/fashion trends that we think should make an appearance this year!


No no, we aren’t talking about the standard french braid your mom gave you when you were 5. We want it all! Skinny braids throughout, one chunky plait, braid wrapped bun, etc. Give your look some dimension this year and throw in a braid or two or TEN!

Mixing Metals

It’s way too much work to coordinate combat boots with gold buckles to gold chain necklaces to gold rings to gold earrings to gold septums! Live a little and wear a bit of silver and gold! It will add depth to any outfit.


Bold Brows 

Nothing’s cooler (in our opinion) than having brows that are a different color than your hair! Dark brows, pastel brows, icy brows or even no brows! Express yourself in a creative way and play with colors that mix and match with your hair!

Faux Everything

Didn’t Nemo teach you anything growing up? Fish are friends NOT food! Of course, we’re not sure if people actually wear fish... but the point is, fur belongs on living, breathing animals! Faux leather/suede/fur is the way to go! If you want something "real" why don’t you knit a sweater from your arm hair?

Black & Gold

Did this trend ever really go away? We don’t know but we never want it to stop! Edgy, classy, grungy, modern, sophisticated- you name it! This color combo can fit any style any year.

Erica Link
Erica Link


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