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by Erica Link November 08, 2015

Growing up I was always involved in some sort of athletics + had an insanely fast metabolism, so staying in shape was never something I had to think about—it just came naturally. Fast forward 23 years— out of school, living on my own & no gym membership, it’s safe to say I can’t eat a case of doughnuts without repercussions anymore.
Being the anti social person that I am you will NEVER catch me in a public gym. So, what else is a girl supposed to do to keep fit? Aside from using my 80’s work out DVDs. . . USE THE INTERNET, duh. I’ve found my fitspo on YouTube! I don’t have to leave my house or pay a shitty monthly fee, how perfect! There are tons of fitness bloggers online that can assist in your fitness journey, but Carly Rowena is my #1 go to lady. She posts everything from simple work outs to healthy snack recipes to the best aerobic apparel. You can find her on YouTube! She’s a goddess; check her out!




Erica Link
Erica Link


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