by Mary Stewart August 09, 2017

So, idk if any of you Skull Sisters have been feeling this feeling that I’ve been feeling… And by that I mean slowly shedding my “I only wear black, and I will stay this way until the end of time” exterior that I’ve stubbornly stuck to for years now. But if you find yourself really feeeeeeling a color and wanting to incorporate it into your wardrobe, but find it terribly difficult trying to start styling color after you’ve gotten so comfortable with the “black matches with black” mantra, then let me share some of my favorite ways to go ALL OUT with color!


*shown: pink jelly sunnies, pink juicyfruit bodysuit, YOLO track pants

This is the easiest way to add a little color to your look! I LOVE putting together a sleek black and white look and adding one or two pieces that are a blindingly bright color to really turn heads without sacrificing looking polished and purposeful!


Get a little wild with your color theme, contrasting colors always look great next to each other. Again, you can totally get away with crazy colors without sacrificing looking put together. Sleek & funky is the name of the game, contrasting themes, contrasting colors! Here I used purple and yellow, using the bodysuit to break up the sunny yellow!

*shown: pink perry sunnies, Valfre disco jacket, let’s be frank bodysuit, anything but honey pants, dream on heels


*shown: yoko sunnies, blood moon top, stone fox skirt, adoration mini backpack, spicy china town heels

Nothing is more bold than stepping out in one color, and one color alone. Here I chose red, because it's the color of BLOOD and I want people to know how hard I’m out here slaying. I love monochrome looks because the shades/hues of the color you’ve chosen don’t have to be the same! That’s how you can break up a look and make different pieces pop more than others!

*shown: yoko sunnies, blood moon top, stone fox skirt, adoration mini backpack, spicy china town heels







When you wear bright colors, you will look like a fucking walking bit of sunshine, and it’s really f*ckin’ hard to be sad, or for others to be sad in your presence! SO GO OUT AND SHINE Y’ALL

Your resident space disco goth babe,


Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart


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