Bronze Human Skull Cuff

Lost Apostle-Etsy

Skull Cuff bracelet takes full, unashamed advantage of the fact that skulls are badass - and that's why there are two of them. Each skull is beautifully hand-carved and neither make any apology for dominating your wrist like doormen at the devil's nightclub. The Skull Cuff is cast in the finest bronze, and completely finished and polished by hand. Bronze is (and has been for thousands of years) an incredibly strong metal, and so lends itself perfectly to bracelets - although the cuff is adjustable it's not going to bend out of shape any time soon. In fact, this thing is so tough that they'll fight over it long after you're pushing up the daisies. But as that won't be for a while, you can rest assured these skulls will look after you every step of the way.

  • The Skull Cuff measures 2 3/4" (67mm) wide and 1 3/4" (45mm) high, and can be adjusted to fit more or less any wrist
  • Protected against tarnishing

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