Keggel Obsidian Yoni Egg Starter Kit


♥ An Obsidian Yoni Egg measuring 45 cm x 33 cm (this size is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners)
♥ 10 yards of extra string made of organic hemp
♥ 10 ml of 100% natural organic lavender essential oil for sterilizing the egg after use (this is added to hot water and makes your egg smell really pretty)
♥ A handmade 24-page booklet to guide you in your practice
♥ A genuine leather bag made in the US from grass-fed and ethically treated cattle (if you prefer not to consume animal products, ask for a burlap/lace pouch instead and we will happily provide it)
♥ Each yoni egg is adorned with a bead handmade (and free-trade) in Tibet.

About Black Obsidian:

Ancient Chinese cultures saw the dragon as a symbol of power and prosperity, a force of nature, and linked to the "ancient fire" buried within the earth, or as we call it today, black obsidian. These sleek, powerful eggs, charged with the "ancient fire" of obsidian, are a powerhouse of sexual energy and ferocity that you will feel from the first touch.

Properties of Black Obsidian:
♥ Draws out mental stress and tension
♥ Stimulates growth on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
♥ Urges exploration of the unknown and the opening new horizons
♥ Brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion
♥ Helps you to connect with your authentic, true self
♥ Dissolves emotional blockages and relationship traumas

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